Right now, I hate weekends. No I’m not high, no I’m not stupid, I just really don’t like them. And I’ll tell you why.

I have all week free. I try to get as much boring stuff done during the week so that when Aidan’s at home we can do family time. We can spend time as our little family unit, together the three of us. But unfortunately no one else has my free time. The rest of the population live in the real world (I don’t live here currently, I’m over on stay at home mamma planet), and in the real world weekends are to be used to the fullest.

So I go from being by myself for most of the week, cleaning and pottering, mothers group and baby love- to fast pace, chaos and as much as you can jam in from Friday afternoon till Sunday night. Don’t get me wrong, I love most of the stuff I do on the weekend, it’s just hard to balance everything.

I made a promise to myself a while ago that I would try to limit activities to two things per weekend. Say yes to the first two, apologies for the rest. That way I was never overwhelmed by it all. But people pop up unexpected, last minute plans are made and saying no just won’t happen.

I’m starting to feel the anxiety about the weekend build in me and it’s only Wednesday. You should see my list for this weekend, it starts from 11.00 on friday!!! I don’t think we actually get to be still until Sunday night.

The worst part about busy weekends? Missing out on family time. In the last six months I have grown to adore moments like slow walks along the river, quiet picnics and going to the pool to teach indi to swim. In amongst the chaos, all of that disappears for yet another week. With a promise to do it next weekend. I hate that. I hate that my family time gets pushed aside.

I’m making a promise now, I will learn to say no. Because I don’t want to hate the weekends anymore.

Much love peeps