Before we had tiny human we went on a babymoon. A little loved up holiday, just the two of us, with a focus on relaxing. Aidan took me to Bali, we stayed in a ginormous hotel here and chilled out. I spent pretty much the whole holiday practicing being a walrus – bobbing in the pool, lazing on warm sun beds, eating way too much nasi gorang and peeing like no tomorrow. It was heaven, all except for the peeing. The reason for our holiday was simple, we knew that time and money may not be on our side after tiny human arrives, so we made the most of it while we could.

Constantly looking through the the travel section in newspaper is never a good idea for a recovering lazy traveler (I only really go to places that are tropical, with pools and cocktails -lazy!). So the tingle and want for a holiday never really left me after I had Indi. It just became more dreaming than big dreaming.

Luckily, fate came and slapped me in the face. Close friends of ours, who had the most adorable little boy a month before Indi, told us about their plans to head on over to Bali. I was very quick to pounce on that opportunity (low cost holiday, fabulous company, with child of similar age…. sold!). With in a day I had purchased flights,with in the week I had applied for tiny humans passport (baby passports ….hilarious), and thankfully by the end of the month my mum had agreed to come too. It I was going to do this, I was sure as hellgoing to do it properly.

As the trip gets closer, the more I crap myself. what.have.i.done.

Stress, frustration, terror, fear, confusion, excitement, overthinking, pre-packing, over packing, underpacking, purchasing, researching, stressing, worrying, hygiene, activities, travel, sterilization, feeding, sun protection, stress, fear, and a little bit of excitement, all run through my head at a speed of knots, constantly! Crap-a-doodle!

Then I start to think am ‘I doing the right thing’? Indi is only little, is taking her to a third world country a good idea? Am I risking her safety? Am I prioritizing my desires to travel? Am I being selfish? The answer to all those questions is no. I don’t see this trip in the negative. Sure you can judge me because I’m taking my seven month old to another country, feel free. But the person the judges me the harshest is myself, and I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t some what sure about it.

I’ll tell you why this trip is gonna be great. The flight is only 3 hours from Perth and is during Indi’s awake time. The time zone is exactly the same in Bali as it is here in Perth (so no jet lag or messing with tiny humans body clock). Only about a million people travel to Bali each year (most of them from Perth), so I have quite a few people to ask for advice on what to do and what not to do. We are going to be spending time with an amazing couple (not to mention outstanding parents) who are there for the same reason. Taking the grandparents means that there is a constant source of advice, and extra set of hands and a babysitter should the need arise. There is also Bali Baby Hire, a website that allows your to organize airport transfers with car seats for little ones, and also equipment hire for things like prams, travel cots and baby carriers. Its hard to say no to a trip away with all that on offer.

Here is some of the tips on traveling with bubs that I have come across:

– breast feeding, dummies, bottles and sippy cups are good for take off. They stop little eats from popping.

– pack bubs outfits in separate zip lock bags, easy to grab and chuck in back pack or have on hand in case of emergency.

– a clip on reading light is handy on dark planes, and can be used as a night light in shared hotel rooms.

– take the phone number of your doctor. its always easier in time of concern to talk to someone you know, understand and trust.

– hotels with with a microwave in their rooms are a plus for sterilization and heating food.

– find out what the air line can and cant do prior to boarding.

– baby bjorns are fabulous for air ports (this is from my mothers group, a must do for me)

anything else you guys would suggest?


These are the things I’ve been doing in prep for our big trip:

– listing. list upon list upon list of the things we need to take, think about, do before we leave, where all the lists are kept etc.

– training Indi with melon.

– stocking up on glorious summer stuff, bathers, sunscreen and books to read.

– planning my spa day…..ahhhhhhh

– trying to lose those last few kgs (18 days left of the 12wbt and counting)

– avoiding spending money (hahahahahahahahahaha)

– saving as much as possible (hahahahahahahahahaha)

– dreaming of cocktails.

1 month, 1 week and 1 day. Just saying.

much love peeps xxxx