I’m on the hunt for a home made doll (or seven) for tiny human. Why you ask? Well, because she is a girl, because I’m way too excited about her birthday already, and because I want it to be perfect. Will she care? No. Will Aidan care? No. Why am I being such a loon? Because that is classic Cass. Stress about all the little bits individually, it making the stressing spread more evenly.

Yeah I think I’m going to be ‘that’ mum. But its not my fault, its Pinterest’s fault. When all the theme ideas for first birthdays can be easily put together, its hard not to get excited. I almost wanted to throw Indi a 1/2 birthday party just so I could craft decorations (I chose not too for only one reason, the theme I wanted to do was Alice in Wonderland, but now I want that for myself).

I am so super excited about planning some form of event its not funny. I’ve even bag’s’ed friends baby showers in advance (and I mean not remotely in the general considering a baby right now -advance).

Check out some of the awesome themes and treats I’ve found for various types of parties.

the crown, the tutu and the pearls

First birthday – crown, pearls, tutu!

The Lorax Cake!

A ‘Lorax’ cake, AWESOME

Another pinner said "This blog may be my favorite PIN ever!!! Tons and tons of birthday, holiday, and shower themes (so many that you could spend days on this site...LITERALLY!!!)

Colours, colours, colours

Baby Beanbags party

mustache straws!

Garden Party Decorations

Want, love, need!

Harry 4th Birthday

Harry Potter for the win!


If only I had this many girls!

Can you see how excited I’m getting? Princess, Rainbow, Harry Potter, Cars, You are my sunshine, Garden, Pink, Pool, Movie, TV Show…. so many party theme ideas.
Now I understand, it doesn’t NEED to be a big deal. I get that. I’m pretty sure all these things posted on to Pinterest and the internet are designed to make the average mum feel pretty insignificant and not to mention stingy in the world of kids parties. But I think I owe it to all the mere mortal mums to give it a go.

Any one got any party ideas I could brainstorm? I only have six months you guys, so don’t hold back 😉

Much love peeps xxx