my right now pet peeves.

* people who smoke in fancy cars. ruin your own health not your sweet ride as well

* not acknowledging the efforts of others

* advice being forced onto you, rather than offered to you

* adults who don’t tell you whats bugging them. instead they sook chuck. grow up already!

* expecting with out asking

* bitchy seniors. expecting the best, first and most of everything

* people with no compassion. not asking you to cry, just maybe not be heartless

* repeating myself. listen the first time

* people who say ‘hey’ or ‘what’ instead of ‘pardon’

* foreigners who don’t wait their turn in line. yes i understand your bladders full, but I was here first bitch

* kids with no manners. my. child. will. have. manners.

* lazy ass shop assistants

* dawdlers who see your waiting but continue to fanny about.

I swear there is a million more. But Ill leave it at that for now.

Much love peeps xxx