We all come with a set of body issues. The harsh reality is that we judge others so badly (either in our heads or out loud), that we turn out to be our own worst critic. As we build our opinions of others, we are creating a nearly impossible level of perfection to live up to, we bully ourselves so harshly that the result is a vicious cycle of dissapointment.

I’ve never really been super proud of my body. I’m a tad bit shorter than other people, with a bad case of boobus ginormous, hair that has its own idea of style and a weight that seemed to only know how to go up not down. I’d never really though of it as an issue, it was more ‘we don’t talk about that’ and change the subject. But once Indi was born, my body changed, and so did the way I saw myself. It was getting harder to sweep my opinion of myself under the rug, it was becoming more of a serious thought process, more of a internal worry.

With a smidgen more time on my hands, my focus on my health became one of my top priorities. When I imagine the things I want to do in the future, the things I want to do with my kids, I can not help but get excited. But the idea of giving up on those dreams, due to my health? Well it just makes me angry. I am in control of my future, I am the only one that can pave the path that I want follow, so therefor I am the only one that can kick my arse in to shape. So I signed up for the 12wbt.

The program makes you set your weight loss or toning goals and supports you with your journey with the following:

– A meal plan each week. The meals are designed for 2 people and are delicious.

– A shopping list to assist you with your meal plan.

– A exercise plan that caters to your choice of venue, including options for exercise at home.

– Support blogs and forums if you need more help.

– Motivational Advice from Michelle Bridges weekly.

– Fitness tests and re-measuring every 4 weeks to track improvements.

– Weekly weigh in’s to chart your success.

The first week we started was a bit of a shock to the system. Mostly because after having Indi our eating plan revolved around comfort food, re-heatables and take away. Eating nutritious, healthy and delicious food was like learning to ride a bike again. But straight away, even in that first week we couldn’t help but notice the difference. We had more energy, we slept better, digestions was smoother and of course the scales were showing smaller numbers. It was hard not to be excited.

It was hard staying focused though. The exercise started to dwindle and snacking got a bit out of hand. Our weight started to plateau, and with no real results visable we were definatily riding the lazy train. Luckily for me, I had made a deal with Aidan when we begun. If we don’t reach our goal weight by the end of the program, then we sign up for another 12 weeks. The idea of no cake for yet another 12 weeks was not one that appealed to me. So I gave both of us a kick up the bum.

Last week was week 8. We did our 3rd Fitness test and measurements. I can happily say that I have improved on pretty much everything. I can run for more than 1km with out stopping (or couching up internal organs like I did prior to the progrma), and managed to cut over a minute off my time. My flexibility is at an all time high, and my abs (they’re in there somewhere) are starting to improve. I’m actually starting to like my body (which would be the first time ever).

With less than 4 weeks left and a slightly ominous number still left to lose, I can see the advantages of having a personal trainer. The bonus of having someone with you, charging you on, pushing you further and harder, for that last burst to the finishing line, it would come in handy right about now. I’m sticking to my guns, staying as focused as I can (a new found love of champagne is not helping) and hopefully in 3 weeks and 3 days I will be at my goal weight. If not, be prepared to hear a whole lot of bitching and moaning about wholemeal pasta, tuna and tofu.

Much love peeps xxx