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When I’m out and I see two oldies on their scooters together, I automatically think ‘sweet, a race!’. The oldies suddenly morph into ultimate speed machines, hunching forward with their faces showing determination and desire to win. Gone are the trousers and shawls, they are now dressed in leather with biker helmets and goggles. They rev their little scooters and flames shoot out the exhaust. All the while focused on being the first one to get their script filled at the pharmacy.

This all happens in about 30 seconds, in my head. I always root for the underdog. Slow and steady…

Indi has been awake for three hours, it’s 4.40am. This is where my brain is.

Much love peeps xxx

Sunday is creeping up on me way too fast. Father’s day. A day that for my whole life, up until this sunday, has been spent celebrating my dad. My fabulous, hilarious, smart, surfer dad. My god do I miss him.

I can’t say that I have had any other strong male role models in my life. My dad was it. He was the be all and end all of shaping my opinion when it came to men. He never let me down, he was always supportive, and loved me for my flaws, failures and my dreams. He would ring to check in, just because. Most of the time he was on the back verandah of our house down in Albany, beer in hand listening to the ocean. He would dribble on about this and that, give me advice for what ever random thing I was trying to accomplish and let me make fun of how old he was. He was awesome.

It is so incredibly surreal that he isn’t here anymore. I still want to send him a message when I need gardening advice, or when I want to build something. I want to show off the new car we got, to get his opinion on how it runs, or how safe it is. I want to talk to him about fishing at christmas time, or teaching indi to surf. All the stuff I would have normally done, its still a natural reaction. Then reality slaps me, my heart aches and I take a deep breath and try to shake off that sinking feeling.

It made my heart happy that Dad got along so well with Aidan. I’m positive that if he hadn’t liked him, Aidan and I wouldn’t have lasted very long. They were/are very similar, I can see a lot of my Dads qualities in Aidan. Two very strong males, both studied trades, with a love of fishing and a cheeky sense of humor. I loved going fishing with the two of them. Its probably one of my all time favorite memories.

Sunday I will celebrate the new dad in my life. The man that held me up when I had to say good bye to my own dad. The most amazing and loving dad our little indi bum could ever have. I may shed a tear and get a bit sooky, but I refuse to let that rain on his very first father’s day. I know that Aidan will be to indi what my dad was to me, the first man she will ever truly love.

to those missing their dads on fathers day, love hard and strong and know that if you do they will feel it.

much love peeps xxx

This week is about cleaning, family and rest.

Sunday marks Aidan’s very first fathers day, and my first one with out my Dad. I’ve been thinking lots about my Dad recently, its going to be oh so very bitter sweet. I want to be happy, but not dismiss the sad both at the same time.

I’ll leave you with a few pics of tiny human cranking up the cute levels.



Much love peeps xxx


My 12 week body transformation is over.

Let me start by saying outright I didn’t love it. I struggled, got lazy, cheated once  or twice and wanted to give up. But the program was great because if you got thrown off the horse (so to say) it was easy to get back on again. And I am so glad I didn’t give up.



Total cm lost – 22cm

Total weight loss – 8 kgs


Total cm lost – 33cm

Total weight loss- 14 kgs

I’m a stones throw away from my goal weight. As easy as it is to get pissed that I didn’t reach it, I have to remember that so much else has happened. My sleep has improved, digestion has improved, sex drive has improved, making healthy decisions about food is easy now, I’ve gone down almost two dress sizes, I own jeans that don’t require a shoe horn to get into, smaller bra’s are required (can I get an AMEN), I pretty much need a new wardrobe and I am smaller than I have been in over 5/6 years. My fitness, flexibility, stamina and core strength are so much better, and it makes so much difference, I feel great. But the most important thing that has changed is how I see myself. I’m proud of what I have achieved and even more proud of what body has achieved.

And the man? Well the bastard looks fabulous. He needs a new wardrobe too, he had to make new holes on his belt every couple of weeks so his pants didn’t fall down. Hard not to be impressed by 14 kgs. Its so unfair that his weight just fell off, but I’m so super proud of him.

I’m going to keep up all the good habits, maintain the weight loss and attempt to lose a few more kgs. The program has most certainly been a change for the better. Emotionally refreshing, phsically challenging but so incredibly worth while. If you get the chance, sign up. Honestly if I can do it, anyone can. If you’ve signed up for round 3, goodluck, I can not wait to see your fabulous results at the end of your 12 weeks.

Much love peeps xxx

Aidan and I got super excited when we were invited to a little mans second birthday. Aidan got way too excited about buying Ben 10 things for someone other than himself (yes a 28 year old man has seen pretty much every episode of a cartoon series designed for school kids, what’s the problem? The problem is that I too have seen all the episodes, cool rating took a massive hit there), and I just got excited for party food (please note 8 days of 12wbt and counting).

It was the most glorious day on saturday. Perfect weather for a car party. Yep a car party! Super mum had gone all out, there were car shaped pizza’s, car shaped cheese, cars made of rockmelon and cherries, tiny teddies driving LCM’s cars, box cars for the kids to wear, car craft not to mention a killer car cake. It really was a fabulous party. And super mum? Well she has set the bar pretty high.

With the excitement already bubbling in anticipation for tiny humans birthday, this AWESOME party has got me chomping at the bit to collect party things. My mind is completely full with party ideas and decorations, and party foods. Thank goodness for pinterest.

Here’s a few photos from the day. Indi bum looked all glammed up for her first ever party. I’m not a big fan of the pink, but the kid can pull it off.

Daddy was pretty excited here, Indi was trying to steal all the birthday boys attention for herself by squealing the house down.

Kids party’s rock. Can not wait for the next one.

Much love peeps xxx

I call it mancrafting because I’m in the shed, working with tools, and paint, making noise and mess. Mancrafting seems appropriate.

My new projects are happening because I am desperate to buy fancy new stuff, but as we aim to buy a house in the next 6 months I am reluctant to make purchases based on the rental we are in at the moment. Also, I get really bored looking at the same stuff all the time, trying to rectify that with minimal cost.

Pinterest has made it all too easy, showing me examples, showing me how to do things, and over all making me feel (through looking at way too much crap) that I could totally pull it off with out me screwing it all up.

My first project is the dining room (also known as the tiniest little box of a room in the house). Its not the best space, and normally is used for storing things that we aren’t using. Our poor excuse of a dining table got exiled to the shed because it was just a magnet for collecting crap.

So I’ve attacked the dining table and chairs. It use to look like this.

JOKKMOKK Table and 4 chairs IKEA Solid pine; a natural material that ages beautifully.

Our tiny little ikea table was fabulous when it was just the two of us in our old little unit. Its been beat up a bit over the last few years, had some chunks and scratches out here and there, and because it was already in the shed it seemed like the perfect project (if I screwed it up it could stay in the shed).

I decided on a turquoise paint from Dulux for the chairs – magnetic magic. Totally out of my comfort zone, but worth a go. We chopped the backs off the chairs and gave them a basic sand down and undercoat. Then did two coats of the turquoise.

The table, it was sanded then undercoated, then we put a light coat of enamel white paint on top. I was going for the distressed look (but really the table was in distress before I even started). So once that coat was dry I attacked it with the power sander. I also did a light coat of gloss varnish on top just to protect it from grubby baby goobs.


This is the end result. Add a cool new metal bench, a couple of cheap pots and pot mits from Ikea and whammo, a fabulous new dining area for our little family if three.

I know it isn’t the most exciting dining set you’ve ever seen, but I’m proud of what I’ve done. My dining room is fun and light now, and we may actually sit down and eat dinner together now.

Next project: Lounge room re vamp… stay tuned.

Much love peeps


I’m not really reading books at the moment, I’m doing lots of research on DIY projects. Refinishing furniture, sewing projects, wall art, I’m pretty much looking for things that I can make in order to save money. I want to make a Bapron for Indi from here, and some cool bandana bibs from here. This framed piece here, and make this super cool bench from ikea furniture here. I’m currently in the midst of sprucing up my dining table (will share when complete) and as soon as that is done I can set the sewing machine up and get on my way.


Puberty Blues. Real Australian drama. Completely hooked. 8.30pm Channel 10 on Wednesday nights. Watch it.

We have recently watched the whole season of New Girl back to back. Hilarious. Love it. Just good old stupid fun.


House work. Cleaning like a boss. I seemed to have avoided the ‘real’ cleaning for the last couple of weeks. you know what I mean, do what you can see and avoid the more involved cleaning. The neat freak in me has been itching to do real cleaning for a while (neat freak is an understatement, my nesting phase was more like an industrial cleaner phase). So everything is getting a clean out, getting organised or getting turbo cleaned. The whole process actually makes the house appear more unorganised and dirty because I have crap everywhere. Note to self- don’t invite people over.


The food feast. This sunday is our last day on the 12wbt, so we want to celebrate (small portions people, I don’t think my body would be use to a binge meal). The funny thing is, we’ve changed our whole approach to food, so our ideal meal is a thai prawn salad my dad used to make. Might top it off with some Donna Hay Brownies (if you live for chocolate and enjoy a good brownie, do yourself a favor a try these, hot, fresh out of the oven with ice cream….to.die.for.).


More. I’m listening more. In the last month I have attempted to work through some of the grief of losing my dad by really listening to music. I’ve been crying more than normal, but its getting easier. Cant say I’m listening to ground breaking music unfortunately.

Spectrum – Florence and the Machine – Florence and I haven’t  been friends for a while, its nice to hear her voice again.

We’ll be coming back – Calvin Harris – I am officially ready to dance again.

Battle Scars – Guy Sebastion ft Lupe Fiasco – Surprised, but impressed.


A mamma. Making sure I don’t take the title for granted. Phones are getting turned off and put away, television stays off for longer and adventures are becoming more and more popular. Some days I’m just as exhausted as she is.


Much love peeps xx

I’m pretty proud of last week. I totally ticked most of my boxes. I crafted, I cleaned and I owned phone only Friday. I may have been super lax on the exercise, and that’s pretty crappy, but I aim to fix that this week.

This week my social calendar is a tad on the light side. Not to worry, some man crafting, shopping and hopefully sewing should fix that.

This week I will (maybe)
– set my sewing machine up. Perhaps even get one step closer to real, actual sewing?
– complete my current man craft projects (refinishing my dining table and chairs as well as some coffee tables)
– go and see my super awesome ex students in their dance concert (bitter sweet)
– prepare for my food feast

Aiming big people.
Much love peeps xxx

My phone is cemented to my hand in case of emergency, to record special moments that Aidan might miss, to send tiny human updates to family, and of course to troll the internet via addictive apps. My reliance on my phone and its apps its atrocious, facebooking on the way to a picnic? Dude, come on now. Not cool. And what’s worse is that I get angry with other people for doing the same thing. Double standards much? I don’t want to miss out on the real world, because I’m trying to keep up with whats happening on the world wide web. That’s just stupid.

My aim on friday to only use my phone to make or receive calls.

How was it you ask?


Idol hands were problematic. The whole day I felt like there was something I had forgotten to do, or something that needed to be done. But I pushed through.

I made one smart move from the get go, I charged my phone in my room at the beginning of the day. Out of sight, out of mind? More like out of sight, and fingers crossed that lazy mamma (my super power) + phone only friday = find something else to do. Totally worked.

I managed to accomplish heaps on friday. I’m not sure if its because I am secretly really really lazy or that I was trying to keep myself preoccupied, either way it felt good to tick a few things off my to do list. I cut out a pattern, finished a craft project, brainstormed a room transformation and prepared dinner waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before I had to. I also managed to fit in a gossip with a BFF to top it off. It was a really great day.

My conclusion? Phones, the freedom we feel in the palm of our hands, the apps that ‘save us time’, the constant contact with people, it all makes us believe we’re doing more than we actually are.

Me? I’m lazy, and that has to change. Phone only friday is now officially part of my week.

Much love peeps xxx


WARNING: This is a ‘how to’ by someone who is super slack.

I’ve been following the 12wbt food plan over the past 10/11 weeks as close as I can. Its hard to follow it to the tee because our routine in the kitchen revolves around the tiny human. You see the sink is about 3/4 meters from her bedroom door. If only one of us is home, food needs to be easy or prepared early, it makes the dinner/bath/bed routine so much easier, and avoids noise making after she goes down.

I’m going to share one of my new favorite lazy (but healthy) meals. Its super tasty and good for anyone who hates measuring and weighing, not to mention the clean up afterwards.

Chilli Thai Chicken Nuggets/Patties

You will need:

400-500 grams Chicken Mince (I say 400-500 because Coles and Woolworths always have roughly in between those sizes, and I’m too lazy to go to a butchers and ask for a specific amount)

Chilli Chutney (Home made is the best, Aidans mum made ours, its blinking strong but works so well in this recipe)

Garlic, Ginger, Basil, Corriander (Get the squeezy tubes, you avoid dead herbs in your crisper)

Quinoa Flakes

Salt and Pepper

Large Zip lock Bag


Bread crumbs (optional)



Open the zip lock bag and whack the chicken mince in. Add about a teaspoon and a half of the chilli chutney into the chicken. Squeeze a big blob of garlic and ginger into the bag, but only squeeze half that amount of corriander and basil. Add a heaped handful of Quinoa Flakes to the mix. The salt and pepper depends on how much you like of each, I always go fairly lightly on each, its really only a minor flavor.

Close the zip lock bag so there is only a small amount of air, mush all the ingredients together. The more you mush, the better it mixes. This mix feeds about 4 people. So if your making it for 2, use fresh mince, take out half then freeze the remainder, and whammo you’ve already got a meal ready for next week.

Said bag of mushed ingredients

Heat your pan so that its hot. Add oil. Take a teaspoon (for nugget size) or a dessert spoon (for pattie size) and scoop the mix into a ball. If you want to use the breadcrumbs this is where you would coat your chicken balls. Squish the balls flat either before or after you put it in the pan (the thinner the nugget, the quicker it cooks).

Boom, dinner’s ready!

Basically that’s it. After you’ve cooked it eat it. I mostly have these with salad, but they also make super yummo chicken burgers, and if you alternate the chilli chutney and corriander for grated carrot they would be good for kids too.

Go on try it, you know you want to.

Much love peeps xxx



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