What ever the storyline, what ever the media the storyline is published by, there is a 99.9% chance that I will get sucked in. TV is one example, I can get sucked in but I always seem to forget what I’ve been watching, I am easily distracted. Should the TV show be on DVD however, the black hole seems to be bigger. I can not walk away with out watching most of if no the whole season. As if I need to see a clean break. Books, now that’s a hard one. I am not capable of putting a book down. When I’m reading, I slept, eat and function with a soul purpose to finish that book. I need to see the fiinish line, I need to comfortably put the book down and walk away, with out dreaming it, with out feeling it.
I absorb stories, I can not help it. Its part of who I am. If its a glorious love story, there’s a good chance I’ll be super romantic through out. If its a drama, you can almost bet your bottom dollar I’ll get all dramatic and wistful. But it gets me in trouble.

Right now I’m watching Awkward and True Blood (Absorbed in both)and I’m reading the Grey Trilogy (Utterly smothered by it). Its not a good thing. Awkward – Matty McKibben, True Blood – Eric Northman and Grey Trilogy -Christian Grey. Combine the three characters together and you can see my problem.

I think its time to go back to crafting.


much love peeps xxx