I sometimes have moments that are so incredibly perfect. Moments that fill me to my brim with comfort and happiness. But it’s more than that. In my own way I believe that these few moments are life changing. They are a fork in the road, the powers that be telling you change is in the air or perhaps that time has got its eyes on you.

I’ve only had these moments a few times in my life and I always come away expectant and in awe of what’s to come.

When I was in year 11 (a million years ago) I was teaching baby ballet (no a year 11 can not teach baby ballet, but they teach how to be a fairy, butterfly, bird or a cat to music). I had the pleasure of teaching the most beautiful little girl. My memory is hazy, and I can not remember exactly how she looked. She was about 2, full of life, always laughing, smiling and bouncing around. I remember weird things like the sun being awfully specific with its lighting through the church hall windows. I remember it being slightly warm even though it was winter, and I remember that everything felt so easy. This little was called India. To this day I have never met another person called India, Indianna yes, but not India. It was that moment, where fate had given me a quick nudge. A smile and a wink, as if to say “Hope your paying attention’. That name was in my head for the next 12 years. That name was the only name I was certain of from the moment I got pregnant and that is the perfect name for my tiny human.

Today I had another moment. The sun had moments of perfect light that kept catching my eye, the weather was warm enough not to wear a jumper, and I had the internal feeling of comfort all day. I headed down to Fremantle with Aidan, My brother and his fiance. It was just a casual outing, but I met another perfect little person. I hadn’t been paying attention to anything  but our little group of people around the table. I had no idea that over my shoulder a little was making eye contact with Indi. I turned around to see big blue eyes and the most honest grin, both belonging to a 4 year old girl. The first thing she said to me was ‘You have the most adorable baby’ (Her parents get a big old check on the good parenting scale for that one). She was fixated on India. She told me the following things – Indi had the most beautiful eyes, the most perfect name, the cutest little hands and she was the prettiest baby she had seen. She was the most polite little person I have ever met. She told me that ‘you have to be really gentle with babies’ and she’d ‘only had my nails painted not yesterday but the one before that”. Her smile was infectious and Indi didn’t take her eyes off that little girl. She told me she was going to be a big sister after christmas, when I asked her what sibling she wanted she said ‘both, but unfortunately I can only have one’. She was and utter delight.

After her mamma collected her and distracted her enough to walk away, I realized that this was yet another one of those moments. Even now as I try to remember and capture that moment, so many things about those simple five minutes of time are fading away. I think in my mind I was seeing Indi grown up. Ever since she was born I try to imagine what she might look like when she’s older, but because she doesn’t look like me, every time I close my eyes it comes up black. The little girl I met had big blue eyes and long brown straight hair. As I looked from girl to girl, I couldn’t help but see Indi. Fate had given me a snap shot of the future (or showed me what I want my future to look like, I’m not sure yet, ask me in 4 years time) and I’m so incredibly grateful.

It was a particularly lovely moment and because of it I can see magic in my future.
Much love peeps xxx