Bath time eyes aka ‘gimme’

I’m a story teller. Its one thing I know I’m really good at. I love retelling stories. Ask my friends, I tell them the same story at least five times. But the reason I’m pretty good at it, is because I get super excited and use my facial expressions. Tiny human has had first hand experience with my facial expressions and its starting to rub off on her. She has KILLER eyebrows, and would totally be a perfect fit for the cadbury advert (here). Lately shes been communicating with her big baby blues. Man its gorgeous.

the ‘is that food’ eyes

the ‘I’m not tired’ eyes


I can not wait until the day when I can read her a story, with voices, expressions and actions. I can not wait to see how she reacts, how she engages and how she gets involved. Being a mamma is so very lovely.


the ‘do that again’ eyes


Much love peeps xxx