In the days before tiny human I had a hard time understanding the big to-do with having a baby.

I had always wanted kids, a million to be specific. Pretty much from as far back as I can remember, when asked by friends ‘how many kids do you want?” my reply would always be ‘I want to overpopulate a small country’. Having kids was my aim, but a baby? My future dreams were of a gorgeous man and children – not babies!

During pregnancy I had researched and read up on pretty much everything a pregnant woman may need to know. I knew what to do if I got reflux, if my hips started burning, if my waters broke and if I got crazy tiger stretch marks. But when tiny human came I knew NOTHING about babies (cant actually claim that I know much more now either). The first three weeks with little bum was somewhat insane. There was one day where I was sure that I could reason with her, and I was almost sure that she understood (she was about 6 days new, and I was running on very little sleep).

Now I get what babies are all about. I get that you have absolutely no control over what they do, I get that you just do whats best or required for the little one before you go to the toilet and I get that if you have plans they are never set in stone when you have a bub (cue reason for missing fabulous wedding in Broome).

I have had so many ‘ahhhhhhhhhhh I get it now’ moments since becoming a mum.

For example:

I never understood how people could just give up their careers. I mean, you put so much time and effort into getting the education, and then getting to a place in your careers where your damn proud and damn good. Now? What ever is best for the kid + what ever is financially viable + how much support you have + what you feel comfortable doing = your decision to either go back to work or stay at home. Its not as simple as the black and white I saw before.

I never got how people got all sooky and wah wah after having kids. I’d always been of the belief that you are in control of how you choose to display your emotions. Fast forward to day three of motherhood, and I’m being told that tiny human was actually a velosoraptor and had utterly destroyed the grazing field, therefore I would have to express and feed with a bottle. My head was saying – ‘oh, that totally is understandable, my boobs are raw as and I can see meat missing, a break from feeding would be heaven right now’ however my mouth was saying ‘waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nnuughghhhg nuuugghhhhh wahhh wahh waaaaahhhhhhhhhhh’. I was pretty much bitch slapped with a new perspective!

A big thing I completely did not understand was that whole pregnancy glow. I mean, really? A woman gets all huge, uncomfortable and walrus like and shes glowing? Sorry darling, that glow is sweat and the fat of the whole red rooster chicken she just scoffed down. Only just recently have I begun to understand what that pregnancy ‘glow’ is. Its not really a glow at all, and only certain people see it. The ‘glow’ is really just jealously and awe, and the people who can ‘see it’ are those that want desperately to have a baby. Before I had Indi all I saw was a walrus. Now I’m like everyone else, I get all gushy when I see bumps, I feel obliged to go up to random preggos and tell then how gorgeous they look and even worse I have moments where I think ‘two under two cant be that hard?’. NO CASSIE, BAD CASSIE! Must calm down and focus on the amazing little one I already have not the 999,999,999 more that I want.

Babies completely screw up everything, but in a fabulous way. So in preparation for tiny humans make sure your open to change, be prepared for learning and always be flexible with your thinking.


Much love peeps xxx