Baby’s are busy. Yeah they dont really do much, but they are constantly doing. Wriggling, spitting, farting, rolling, playing, squealing, munging, gooing, learning and a whole lot of other things. What that means for a mamma is you are constantly on the go playing, feeding, washing, changing diapers, cleaning bottles, folding clothes and a whole lot of really exciting daily activities that we repeat over and over and over again. Haven’t got any kids yet? I’m selling you on the idea aren’t I?

Early on I was super busy, I couldn’t find time to achieve changing my pants let alone making a cup of tea or finding time to go to the toilet (I kid you not, Aidan would get home from work and I would almost throw him the baby and make a mad dash for the loo). Now things have a kinda flow to them. Indi and I (most days) have a balance. Dont get me wrong the kid can throw a spanner in the works the size of china at the best of times, but I have discovered an old friend in the mist of it all. My old friend spare time is in town and we’ve been hanging out.

Before you start to hate me and form large groups with pitch forks hear me out. Prior to pregnancy I was crazy busy. I LOOOOVVVEEEEDDDD my job and would throw myself into my work. The kids I worked with were some of the most fabulous people I have ever met, and the people I worked with were fabulous, talented and incredibly hilarious. I never really had time during the week. I had rehearsals or meetings, marking or research, I was constantly creating assessments and trying to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. Majority of my time was spent trying to organise myself so that I could achieve all of this. The weekend was for socialising, hanging with my utterly brilliant best friends and even sometimes spending time with Aidan :). Time was a luxury, and between all the things I needed to do and reality tv I didn’t have any to spare.

Now about a year later, I have slowed down. Yes, with a 5 month old baby life is pretty chilled (oh I know as soon as she gets mobile, I will be eating my words).

I’m constantly looking for new projects to do. Here are some of the things I have been keeping busy with.

1. Room rearranging. Kid you not, HATE my lounge room. Indi and I have been spending so much time in there because it has a heater, and its so blinking cold outside right now. We go out almost every day. But probably 40% of her awake time is spent in that room. 5 months and we have moved things around about 4 times. Last time I rearranged things I booked the carpet cleaner and made Aidan move everything on to the lino in the kitchen. Thats four rooms worth of furniture on to the space of maybe half a room. Yes, I am a loon, but my man in amazing and somehow loves me for it. I have however been told in no uncertain terms that we will not be moving any more furniture until we move out of the house. Challenge accepted!

2. Online shopping. Expensive, but so exciting when all the packages arrive at your door step. Lazy mamma was loving this one.

3. Mancrafting. I have done up an old chest of drawers. Sanded it down, puttied up the wholes, 2 undercoats, 2 top coats and new knobs. Its gorgeous. We had about a month of role reversal in our house. While I was in the shed, Aidan was looking after the baby and making me dinner. Must note that this project took about 7 months total. Only about a 2 days of real work. But I started it at about 6 months pregnant, then it got hot, and I got swollen, then I had a baby. Totally worth the wait tho.

4. Cooking. Baking to be precise. Bad move. Three weeks, 12 recipes and only 2 people to eat the sweet creations resulted in 4kgs of guilt and fatness! Healthy cooking? Can someone tell me what that is?

5. 12wbt. In response to baby weight + cake weight + fatty boombah I embarked on a weight loss challenge. I’m currently drafting a post about my journey. If you wanna know what 12wbt is you can check it out here.

6. Sporadic crafting. Try it some time. 9.30pm at night, need something to wear yourself out? All you need is a few random bits an pieces lying around the house and you can have some really pointless additions to your house.

7. Exercise. I’m making friends with running. It new, weird and hard. Formally ‘allergic’ to running I am proud to say this crazy mamma can run with out coughing up a lung afterwards. Damn proud.

8. Felt craft. I’m all a wash with head band ideas at the moment. Damn proud of what I’ve been making and essentially its saving me a bundle (but I’m getting way too excited about felt colours and elastic colours and proper scissors and glue).

BUT! and its a biggen, most of this stuff happens after dark. Or when Aidan is home. I would not be able to achieve any of it during the day. During the day, I’m lucky if I can even manage to get a load of washing on.

I don’t consider myself a hands on type of person, but I am a hobby jumper. I’m not done either, I still have more things to attempt and stuff to create. Waiting for Tarnyia the Great to hurry up and move to perth so I can go annoy her while she teaches me how to quilt. If you haven’t seen her fabulous work check it here.

She made Indi this A-MAZE-ING quilt.

Watch this space peeps.