I have been on the look out for months, for just one feature that tiny human got from me.


But I cant really see any.

Before she was born everyone, and I mean everyone thought she would come out looking like a mini me. Big brown eyes, fluffy brown curls and some what brownish skin. Fail.

She is a kewpie doll. Killer blue eyes, in a completely different shade and shape to her dads (but similar in the way they get crystal and glistening when they drink something heavenly), Soft blondish/light brownish (no freaking idea) hair that looks to be dead straight and milky white skin. I have somehow created this incredibly beautiful elfin child. Utterly beautiful and over the top cute.

Problem lies in the fact that sometimes people look at me in that ‘maybe thats just the sitter’ way. Although I am prone to a bad bout of ‘over thinking’ I swear I can see the confusion in peoples eyes. I always feel obliged to say ‘looks more like her daddy than she does me’ just to make myself feel less uncomfortable.

In the end I don’t care. Shes a stunner and she loves me. But the kid looks like her dad!

Another fabulous Flossy Photography Photo