Little girl has been around for five whole months! I swear I’m teaching myself not to blink because time is seriously whooshing past me like the road runner and I’m so afraid I’m going to miss something.

Indi is so much fun and cuteness is at an absolute peak. I’m finding myself swept up in her little world more often than not.

At five months:
Rolling like a boss (but only on to her belly). So super chuffed with herself she always looks around to make sure someone was watching (attention seeking, where ever did she learn that?). However, we haven’t quite learnt how to roll back and do like to crank up a bit to let everyone know that we need to be flipped over.

Little miss grabby! Handsy or what! Nothing is sacred! Hair, phones, drinks, if it’s in her radius then there’s a good chance it’s going to make it into her goobey mitts! And when you get it back there is always a loving coat of milky slobber for your enjoyment.

We have upgraded our favorite toy. No longer do the chain links hold the top spot. Possibly because you can’t shove then in the back of your mouth and get your mung on! But the butterfly and our little soph, do the job just right!

Still pretty hard on in the hair department! Not that she’s bothered at all. Her mother is the one with the hair issues, I’m so desperate to see just one tiny little curl. We have an increasingly large collection of headbands tho. If there is a cute headband out there, point us in the right direction and we will more than likely own it with in minutes!

We are maybe a few weeks away from being able to sit by ourselves! Yep little Indi bum is starting to ‘use what her mamma gave her, now flaunt it!’. And trust me, when that moment finally happen, this crazy mamma will let you know!

Getting our solids on. We’re still fairly new at this, but we are on our way. Banana however, is a no go. This face says it all!

Smiles and giggles and smiles and giggles. We are still met with a ginormous gummy grin every morning. By far the bestreason to get up ever!! What they say about baby giggles are true, I believe that that perfect little chuckle could save lives!! You well up, smile, sigh, love and relax all thanks to that special little sound!

People person. If there are peeps around, they are there for the chick pea. Well that’s what she thinks ( that’s what I think anyway). If they are in the shopping centre, at our house, at mothers group or even on the tv, she will try and get their attention. This does include squealing out to Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages (or was she warning him that Katie was gonna leave him hmmmm? Fortune telling baby, there’s a new market!).

Tiny human is growing like a champion! As sad as I am to see her pass so many milestones, I am so excited to share so many special moments. I’m trying to think of it as having the pleasure of seeing it happen, rather than holding on to it so hard it hurts.

Grow strong and grow healthy my beautiful ray of sunlight. Much love to you bubba xxx