Indi bum had a photo shoot shortly after she turned 3 months.

The ever so talented Sarah Watson (Flossy Photography) glided in to our home, and with the softest of touches and the most gentle nature spent a hour and a half with the tiny human. I’d seen some of Sarah’s work here and knew that her romantic style was exactly what I was looking for.

Indi was fabulous, I think she knew that the camera was there specifically for her so played to strengths (cuteness).

I adore the photos, check that, I am so incredibly impressed, in love with and gushing with crazy mamma hormones when I see these photos.

Sarah has done an amazing job, anyone out there looking for some photos of your tiny human, I can not recommend her highly enough.

Below is just a selection, but you can see for yourself how fabulous they are

The kid is a beauty!