You know those moments in life when you admire an individual or a group of people for long enough that you soon have this crazy confidence that you too are just like them? Well this is my moment. Only in recent months have I discovered ‘blogging’. Admiration overload soon masked my very limited knowledge, with a thick shiny glow of can-do attitude. But now as I attempt to be witty, funny, charming and all the other characteristics I admire in my fellow bloggers I fear that perhaps I have bitten off more than I can chew?

What am I doing?

Well firstly, if this embarrassing attempt at literature makes it to the vast openness of the ‘inter-web’ then I can confidently say I am on my way.

Secondly, if I can post in some what of a regular pattern, we can come to the presumption that I am getting the hang of this.

No time like the present. Lets see what this mamma can do.