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My gosh, the internet makes you want a whole lot of stuff you don’t really need. But surely dreaming about it isn’t that bad right?

Pinterest does not help. It has turned out to be another place I can find super awesome things, many of which are not classified as required. Still its way lovely to give up. If you haven’t signed up for Pinterest, it is an electronic pin up board. You can ‘pin’ pictures to different boards in the groups you choose.

Here are a few of my ‘dreams’

A few bits of fabulous for Indi!! 



Fairy Costume-Tutu dress tutorial

Some lovelies for the home

just buy a rubber door mat and spray it any color you want it to be!


And something special for me




Its all a bit too easy to dream big with pinterest.

Much love peeps xxx

There is this group of people of which I call the fabulous few. These are the friends that no matter how far, no matter how long its been, no matter what you’ve been through or how much to disagree with one another, nothing can break the friendship. I am blessed with many in my fabulous few.

We’re in the process of deciding what, when, where and how to buy our first house (random segue? no, it will make sense in a minute). Buying in Perth, in this market is a pain in the bum. But by far the hardest ‘outside’ factor to consider is the distance from our friends. Its hard to imagine living out of ‘dropping in’ range. In our many, many discussions we have come to realize something. Most of friends have already left the ‘dropping in’ boundaries. Our generation, our best mates have the travel bug, bad. So before they settle down, before they get comfortable, our friends are off having the time of their lives. And we are bloody well jealous.

We have friends all over the world at the moment, not to mention spread across Australia. A bridesmaid in Manchester, husbands boyfriend lost somewhere in Europe, Indi’s future In-Laws in Roxby Downs, Previous housemates living la vida loca up in Broome, a travel junkie held up in Cairns (for the time being), a brother in Brazil and family chilling in Albany (and that’s just to name a few). Social Media is a bitch when it comes to rubbing your travels in other peoples faces. All those glorious pictures of you on Contiki tour, next to the leaning tower of Pisa, on a boat in the Caribbean, in a Limo in Vegas, yes I am bloody well over the top, beyond explanation, with out hesitation, 100% jealous.

There is however, one thing I’m not, regretting that I haven’t done all those amazing things. I am blessed with my life, and I am blessed to have such brilliant and gutsy friends that have the opportunities of a life time. I know that when they eventually pause for a moment to tell me about their life altering journey, that I can listen, in awe of the stories, knowing fair well that my humble little world here at home is pretty darn fabulous as well.

Contiki tour? Pfffffffft try the sleep tour. If Indi falls asleep in the car, we do a few laps of different suburbs, helping us check out places to buy. Leaning tower of Pisa? What ev’s I got the Leaning tower of Indi. Having learnt to sit, she has not mastered the art of the graceful or soft drop to the ground. On a boat in the Caribbean? Try feeding an almost 6 month old carrot and beans? Yeah… A limo in Vegas? Watching elmo and baby gas!

I have a gorgeous man who loves me and my daughter beyond humanly possible, I go with out wanting, I have a family that dispite sometimes being a pain, will go above and beyond regardless. I have it all. I make memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life, not life altering experiences, but memories that fill me to the brim with happiness. Like watching my daughter learn a new smile, like watching my husband get a little too enthused watching the Olympics and by spending two minutes still and quite in the glorious winter sun. I am intrinsically and extrinsically happy, content and in the moment. I will not be wasting my time, trust me.

It might not sound like the world, but its mine and I wouldn’t trade it, not for anything. I’ll get to see the world eventually, bit by bit, and I’ll drag my little family along with me when it does happen. My friends make me see the best in the world, be it by traveling, and sharing their new world with me or by laughing with me at yet another inappropriate comment. My friends where ever they are, are the best and they bring out the best in me.
Much love peeps xxx

So I’m kinda swept up in this Grey’s thing. I’m certainly not going to deny it. It’s possibly the most exciting thing in my life right now (please note that I am a stay at home mamma with a five month old who has just started solids. The bar is not overly high). The books are a pretty hot read, but they are making me question what I deem to be ‘appropriate’ in the bedroom (I’m a little worried about the fact that I find the books a ‘hot’ read).

I found myself blushing in the lounge room whilst reading. I couldn’t imaging attempting to read it on the train on the way to work??? But that got me thinking. How many of the people you pass by have read it? And how did they react? This book has gone global, millions of people have read this book, prompting production companies to consider making the paper version visual (my lord, I think I’d need a private viewing).

Yesterday at the shops, as I day dreamt of biting my lip, I started to look at the faces of the people walking by. I can not remember the last time I actually paid attention to my fellow shoppers (I normally pretend I’m playing Mario cart and try to beat my highest score/fastest time). As I looked around I saw so many different people who I could not imagine finding this book ‘hot’. The grandma’s looked so innocent to me, the super trendy 40somethings didnt look like they needed it and the super mums don’t look like they have time for it.

I have to remember that reading is a release of its own. People read to be somewhere else, to break from reality and for the comfort or stillness it brings.

What do people think as they look at my face? From a glance am I ‘that kind of person’? I dont read all the time because I get enveloped into the story, but when I do it’s because I’m tuning out. You can not get my attention, you do not exists. I’m on holiday in my book, I’ll be back when it’s finished. Do I want to be judged based on my escape?

I should know much, much better than to jump to assumptions based on a face, you truly can not judge a book by its cover!

Much love peeps xxx

I had the most fabulous weekend. A visit from my brother and his fiance, a night out sans baby and trips here and there to entertain tiny human. It was wonderful.

Chocolate choosing at San Churros

Grandpa with the tiny human

This is what parent do before they go out, yes?

Pink cheeks, girl is feeling the teething

Family time xx

We learnt to sit up properly, probably because there were lots of people to watch us

Hippo Creek, man’s greatest accomplishment

Sitting with the big kids (daddy is really just a big kid)

Hillary’s in winter, crisp an cool as a cucumber

Uncle Zac’s a pro with babies now!


This weekend I get a baby free night again. Its getting a little too bit exciting over here!

Much love peeps xx

What ever the storyline, what ever the media the storyline is published by, there is a 99.9% chance that I will get sucked in. TV is one example, I can get sucked in but I always seem to forget what I’ve been watching, I am easily distracted. Should the TV show be on DVD however, the black hole seems to be bigger. I can not walk away with out watching most of if no the whole season. As if I need to see a clean break. Books, now that’s a hard one. I am not capable of putting a book down. When I’m reading, I slept, eat and function with a soul purpose to finish that book. I need to see the fiinish line, I need to comfortably put the book down and walk away, with out dreaming it, with out feeling it.
I absorb stories, I can not help it. Its part of who I am. If its a glorious love story, there’s a good chance I’ll be super romantic through out. If its a drama, you can almost bet your bottom dollar I’ll get all dramatic and wistful. But it gets me in trouble.

Right now I’m watching Awkward and True Blood (Absorbed in both)and I’m reading the Grey Trilogy (Utterly smothered by it). Its not a good thing. Awkward – Matty McKibben, True Blood – Eric Northman and Grey Trilogy -Christian Grey. Combine the three characters together and you can see my problem.

I think its time to go back to crafting.


much love peeps xxx

I sometimes have moments that are so incredibly perfect. Moments that fill me to my brim with comfort and happiness. But it’s more than that. In my own way I believe that these few moments are life changing. They are a fork in the road, the powers that be telling you change is in the air or perhaps that time has got its eyes on you.

I’ve only had these moments a few times in my life and I always come away expectant and in awe of what’s to come.

When I was in year 11 (a million years ago) I was teaching baby ballet (no a year 11 can not teach baby ballet, but they teach how to be a fairy, butterfly, bird or a cat to music). I had the pleasure of teaching the most beautiful little girl. My memory is hazy, and I can not remember exactly how she looked. She was about 2, full of life, always laughing, smiling and bouncing around. I remember weird things like the sun being awfully specific with its lighting through the church hall windows. I remember it being slightly warm even though it was winter, and I remember that everything felt so easy. This little was called India. To this day I have never met another person called India, Indianna yes, but not India. It was that moment, where fate had given me a quick nudge. A smile and a wink, as if to say “Hope your paying attention’. That name was in my head for the next 12 years. That name was the only name I was certain of from the moment I got pregnant and that is the perfect name for my tiny human.

Today I had another moment. The sun had moments of perfect light that kept catching my eye, the weather was warm enough not to wear a jumper, and I had the internal feeling of comfort all day. I headed down to Fremantle with Aidan, My brother and his fiance. It was just a casual outing, but I met another perfect little person. I hadn’t been paying attention to anything  but our little group of people around the table. I had no idea that over my shoulder a little was making eye contact with Indi. I turned around to see big blue eyes and the most honest grin, both belonging to a 4 year old girl. The first thing she said to me was ‘You have the most adorable baby’ (Her parents get a big old check on the good parenting scale for that one). She was fixated on India. She told me the following things – Indi had the most beautiful eyes, the most perfect name, the cutest little hands and she was the prettiest baby she had seen. She was the most polite little person I have ever met. She told me that ‘you have to be really gentle with babies’ and she’d ‘only had my nails painted not yesterday but the one before that”. Her smile was infectious and Indi didn’t take her eyes off that little girl. She told me she was going to be a big sister after christmas, when I asked her what sibling she wanted she said ‘both, but unfortunately I can only have one’. She was and utter delight.

After her mamma collected her and distracted her enough to walk away, I realized that this was yet another one of those moments. Even now as I try to remember and capture that moment, so many things about those simple five minutes of time are fading away. I think in my mind I was seeing Indi grown up. Ever since she was born I try to imagine what she might look like when she’s older, but because she doesn’t look like me, every time I close my eyes it comes up black. The little girl I met had big blue eyes and long brown straight hair. As I looked from girl to girl, I couldn’t help but see Indi. Fate had given me a snap shot of the future (or showed me what I want my future to look like, I’m not sure yet, ask me in 4 years time) and I’m so incredibly grateful.

It was a particularly lovely moment and because of it I can see magic in my future.
Much love peeps xxx

Bath time eyes aka ‘gimme’

I’m a story teller. Its one thing I know I’m really good at. I love retelling stories. Ask my friends, I tell them the same story at least five times. But the reason I’m pretty good at it, is because I get super excited and use my facial expressions. Tiny human has had first hand experience with my facial expressions and its starting to rub off on her. She has KILLER eyebrows, and would totally be a perfect fit for the cadbury advert (here). Lately shes been communicating with her big baby blues. Man its gorgeous.

the ‘is that food’ eyes

the ‘I’m not tired’ eyes


I can not wait until the day when I can read her a story, with voices, expressions and actions. I can not wait to see how she reacts, how she engages and how she gets involved. Being a mamma is so very lovely.


the ‘do that again’ eyes


Much love peeps xxx






Indi hung out with her BFF Chloe today. My goodness it was adorable.

‘Chloe read to Indi?’


We be chillin’

‘Indi happy?’

‘Kiss for Indi’

Miss Chloe looking super sweet

Did you ever see anything so cute? My heart is full tonight

Much love peeps

Post baby body. Oh yeah now that’s sexy. Not.

Almost as soon as the squid was born (when the glorious epidural had worn off) I was amazed at how much my body could endure. I had incredibly empowering thoughts about what I had been through and held a woman’s ability to carry a child to the highest degree. Walrussing for months, aching, sweating, growing and pushing all those annoying internal organs out of the way to create a special little. I may have been high on all those crazy hormones that had been going off like fire crackers all through my body, but the pride and admiration I had for my body was pretty dang big.

It stayed that way for about 24hrs, partly because one of my favorite parts of staying in hospital was learning that things were getting back to normal. By that I mean, I could do a real wee for the first time in months. Not a quick dash to the loo, only to re visit it half an hour later. But a real wee. Anyone who’s had a baby will be able to relate, its heaven. So the pride in my body grew.

That was until  I got to have a real shower. It must have been day 3 (I was hooked up to all sorts of things for the first couple of days so only got to hand wash). I hadn’t really prepared myself for what I saw. When the hell did I eat all that pudding? Nope sorry, must be a 4 day old half deflated balloon? Or is it a dead pig? A giant wrinkly mushroom? WHAT? Its my BELLY? Luckily there was a beautiful tiny human to distract me from the horror of my newly achieved body status. So the issue of jelleh belleh got put on the back burner.

I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight about 3 weeks after Indi was born. By pre-pregnancy I mean the weight that I wasn’t really happy with prior to getting pregnant. Proud that I had got there, still not super happy with what my stomach was doing or with the number in general. I also began to fall in love with cake, and boredom encouraged me to bake (read the story here). Its here where I added ‘cake weight’ to my already not so glamorous number.

I feel its my responsibility to warn all preggos around the world that post baby, everyone will want to ‘catch up’ with you. This will no doubt include a cuppa and cake. At about 2 people per week, times that by four months, it equals 34 pieces of cake (real number will be much bigger, trust me). If you end up having a c-section or a rough labor, exercise is at a minimal. Hence the term cake weight. So deliciously worth it, but so much harder to get rid of.

Lets just re cap.

A not so fabulous number to begin + post pregnancy body + cake weight = a hell of a challenge to a woman who is allergic to running and hasn’t stopped eating since she gave birth 5 months ago.

And so I begun my ‘body’ challenge.

I signed up for the 12wbt.


We threw out all the bad things in the fridge, freezer and cupboard. Brought exercise dvds, weights, mats and new runners. Looked up classes at the gym and planned what we could fit in with the tiny human. We were gonna do this HARD, not chicken out. It was game on in our house, and poor Aidan didn’t have a choice but to go along with yet another one of my crazy plans.

*Side note, he might have been dragged into to it, but the boy is doing better than me. Brought his first pair of skinny jeans this week. He is looking gooooooood!!
Pt 2 coming soon

Much love peeps xx


In the days before tiny human I had a hard time understanding the big to-do with having a baby.

I had always wanted kids, a million to be specific. Pretty much from as far back as I can remember, when asked by friends ‘how many kids do you want?” my reply would always be ‘I want to overpopulate a small country’. Having kids was my aim, but a baby? My future dreams were of a gorgeous man and children – not babies!

During pregnancy I had researched and read up on pretty much everything a pregnant woman may need to know. I knew what to do if I got reflux, if my hips started burning, if my waters broke and if I got crazy tiger stretch marks. But when tiny human came I knew NOTHING about babies (cant actually claim that I know much more now either). The first three weeks with little bum was somewhat insane. There was one day where I was sure that I could reason with her, and I was almost sure that she understood (she was about 6 days new, and I was running on very little sleep).

Now I get what babies are all about. I get that you have absolutely no control over what they do, I get that you just do whats best or required for the little one before you go to the toilet and I get that if you have plans they are never set in stone when you have a bub (cue reason for missing fabulous wedding in Broome).

I have had so many ‘ahhhhhhhhhhh I get it now’ moments since becoming a mum.

For example:

I never understood how people could just give up their careers. I mean, you put so much time and effort into getting the education, and then getting to a place in your careers where your damn proud and damn good. Now? What ever is best for the kid + what ever is financially viable + how much support you have + what you feel comfortable doing = your decision to either go back to work or stay at home. Its not as simple as the black and white I saw before.

I never got how people got all sooky and wah wah after having kids. I’d always been of the belief that you are in control of how you choose to display your emotions. Fast forward to day three of motherhood, and I’m being told that tiny human was actually a velosoraptor and had utterly destroyed the grazing field, therefore I would have to express and feed with a bottle. My head was saying – ‘oh, that totally is understandable, my boobs are raw as and I can see meat missing, a break from feeding would be heaven right now’ however my mouth was saying ‘waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nnuughghhhg nuuugghhhhh wahhh wahh waaaaahhhhhhhhhhh’. I was pretty much bitch slapped with a new perspective!

A big thing I completely did not understand was that whole pregnancy glow. I mean, really? A woman gets all huge, uncomfortable and walrus like and shes glowing? Sorry darling, that glow is sweat and the fat of the whole red rooster chicken she just scoffed down. Only just recently have I begun to understand what that pregnancy ‘glow’ is. Its not really a glow at all, and only certain people see it. The ‘glow’ is really just jealously and awe, and the people who can ‘see it’ are those that want desperately to have a baby. Before I had Indi all I saw was a walrus. Now I’m like everyone else, I get all gushy when I see bumps, I feel obliged to go up to random preggos and tell then how gorgeous they look and even worse I have moments where I think ‘two under two cant be that hard?’. NO CASSIE, BAD CASSIE! Must calm down and focus on the amazing little one I already have not the 999,999,999 more that I want.

Babies completely screw up everything, but in a fabulous way. So in preparation for tiny humans make sure your open to change, be prepared for learning and always be flexible with your thinking.


Much love peeps xxx

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